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18 contacts are listed on page 51 of Epstein's black book.

Esperanza Sobrino

Acquavella Galleries
US2 contacts page 51

Andrew Solomon

The New York Times
US2 contacts page 51

Peter Soros

UK2 contacts page 51

Carlos Souza

1 contact page 51

Kevin Spacey

Trigger Street Productions
US1 contact page 51

Hugo Squire

UK1 contact page 51

Edward St. Bris

France1 contact page 51

Chris & Nina Steinkampf

South Africa1 contact page 51

Andrew Stengel

US1 contact page 51
Jeffrey Epstein's black book page 51

Some random people

Fabrice Orlando – James Randy – Symar – Minicabs – Laura Yorke – Carol Magill